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Hi, I'm Thies Ohme aka. Minecodes. I'm a student, who hosts, contributes and creates Discord/IRC/Matrix/XMPP bots, CLIs, libraries, large images (over 30000 px), funny non-destructive malware samples, Caddy addons, small tools, badges, and Firefox addons. On this website I host a Mastodon, XMPP, Matrix, and IRC instance, the Tatake Discord/XMPP bot, mdhtml, a Git server, my linktree, my docs, my rickroll link, link shortener, screenshot share service, and my status page. I worked at Vipecity (Minecraft Network - Supporter, Moderator, Dev, and Server Admin), Minimania (Minecraft Network - Moderator, and Dev), Neoprotect (Minecraft DDOS Protection - Package Analysis), (Minecraft Network - Supporter), and (DDOS Protection, VPN, Proxy Provider - Non-technical Support). I'm currently working at TryGaming (Gaming Discord - Admin). This is the 5th version of my site now. I started on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Wordpress, then I switched to Ghost for two version and switched to a Raspberry Pi 3b+, then I had a VPS on Strato with my old website and then switched on Netcup. Now, I still host my site on Netcup and use Astro Cactus instead of the Astro Landing Page.

About Astro

Thank you Xenia/Nia (@lsg.xenia) for this picture for the StickSMP.